What's new with Hugo and David?

We’re so proud to announce that Hugo Lucitante was accepted to Brown University in fall of 2015! He is on a full ride scholarship allowing him to be a full time student. Hugo, his wife Sadie and daughter are all doing well in their new Rhode Island home. We couldn’t be happier for the Lucitante family.

Hugo Lucitante with Dr. Jane Goodall at Brown University

Hugo Lucitante with Dr. Jane Goodall at Brown University

David Poritz has been busy as usual!

Just after the film was completed in summer of 2014, his company Equitable Origin certified the first two drilling sites with its social and environmental standards, both in Colombia and operated by the Pacific Rubiales Energy company. They produce about 250,000 barrels a day or roughly 25 percent of the oil coming out of Colombia. Equitable Origin is also establishing standards for fracking and renewable energies such as wind and solar power.  

Earlier in 2015, Equitable Origin switched from being a for-profit company to a nonprofit.

David Poritz and Valeria    Santos   , Sustainability Manager at  Pacific Rubiales  .

David Poritz and Valeria Santos, Sustainability Manager at Pacific Rubiales.

News from Cofán communities in Ecuador

Yet another oil spill just upriver from the Cofán community of Dureno (as seen in the movie) happened in 2014. This latest spill was due to a pipeline rupture upriver from the village. Please see this video link produced by the Cofán organization, FEINCE, to see the damage done.